About Nick Jackson Photography

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I am an award winning Lancashire-born photographer based in London who specialises in landscape, cityscape and nature imagery captured on my travels abroad. I've won over 50 international photography awards including Urban Photographer of the Year and Countryfile Photograph of the Year.

I've been shooting landscapes for over 20 years, teaching myself composition and technique on an old family film camera in the Lake District in my early teens. Travelling the world for a year in my late teens made me realise that I'd caught both the travel and photography bug. From there on I saved up for a Nikon bridge digital camera and took it to amazing locations like Antarctica, Bhutan, Mount Everest and Myanmar, all the while trying to take unique shots of special places. My style developed into one of of bright colours, sunbursts and bold sunsets.

I've been lucky enough to work on many exciting projects from designing the artwork for Emirates Airlines Gold membership cards (with my "Fiery Parisian sunset" image), to fitting out some of London's swankiest offices with my artwork or flying out to Saudi Arabia to document never before seen archaeological digs and unearthed heritage sites. I've enjoyed the variety of challenges photography has thrown my way, but am equally happy wandering around the streets of London with my camera looking out for the next great shot.

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