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Lockdown London

In these very strange times we're currently in I thought it was important to document the streets of London as it's unlikely to ever be again. These images were taken in the first couple of weeks of lockdown when the streets were completely devoid of people giving the city a very eerie feel. Places where I was used to getting jostled and hurried were empty.

If you'd like to keep a memory of this piece of history I've published a book of the photographs which can be purchased by clicking the product list at the bottom of this page or heading to the Shop. You can also buy prints, canvases or digital downloads of these images. Click on the gallery photographs to see a full screen version and note down the title. Then choose your product type below or in the Shop to buy.

© Nick Jackson Photography

Purchase artwork

Find the title of your favourite piece by clicking on an image above then choose your product below. Write the title in the "notes" section and select your size. To purchase the "Lockdown London" book just click the item below.

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